Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chlorine in Drinking Water

Erin Brockovich's photo.Free Chlorine in Drinking Water is odorless and tasteless... we need it to protect against bacteriological outbreaks... yet many Drinking Water utilities are failing at this most basic primary task everyday!!!
What you smell and taste are the disinfection byproducts, Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids which occur when naturally-occurring organic and inorganic materials in the water react with the disinfectants, chlorine and chloramine.
When chlorine reacts with the organic...

Multipure Aquasource Scale Reducer Whole House Filtration



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*Due to circumstances outside of Multipure’s control, the Multipure Aquasource is not available for overseas sale or shipment to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

The Multipure Aquasource* with Scale Reducer is a whole-house water solution, providing powerful filtration at point-of-entry, and ensuring that every water source in the home delivers cleaner, more healthful water. This system reduces limescale, Chlorine and odor in your water. This system installs in the garage or basement, near the water heater, as a fixed-location filtration element. An array of multiple solid carbon block filters ensures that it reduces the presence of contaminants while maintaining the high water pressure needed to supply all the sinks, baths, and showers in your house.

The set of three (3) filters required for the Multipure Aquasource will arrive in a separate shipment (at no additional S&H cost).

*The Multipure Aquasource has not been tested, and make no claims for the reduction of contaminants of health concern.

Protect our Water

I put this letter in the News Journal today
Protect our Water
Click here then scroll down to Protect our Water (2nd editorial) 
Letters to the editor for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DHH confirms brain-eating amoeba in Ascension Parish water system

Sorry Ascension Parish... your Drinking Water is infected now too.
Please be vigilant... be informed... protect yourselves... and don't trust the talking-head crap about how the water is safe from the people that should have prevented this from happening in the first place.
The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals confirmed the presence of Naegleria fowleri amoeba at the Ascension Consolidated Utility District No. 1.

Drink Multipure Filtered Water

Turn your tap water into cleaner, better drinking water with a Multipure Drinking Water System. Taste the Difference of Multipure!

Here is Why You Should Drink Warm Water on an Empty Stomach Every Morning

Good article, I've been doing this for awhile.
You probably start your day with a cup of hot coffee or tea. However, when it comes to water, most people prefer it ice cold. According to Ayurveda, you are doing it wrong....

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton promoted fracking to the world

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A well-researched article in Mother Jones documenting how Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State promoted fracking in foreign countries.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sign the Petition: We Have a Right to Know What We're Eating

BREAKING: The House just passed a bill that will destroy GMO labeling. We urgently need 17,000 more signatures to reach our goal of 200,000 demanding the Senate shut down this reprehensible bill. Sign the petition NOW or the fight for GMO labeling will be OVER!

Big Food is up to its dirty tricks again, pushing legislation through Congress that would limit your right to know what you're eating. Sign the petition and tell...

Remember, your tap water without a Multipure Drinking Water System isn't just water.

Shocking Documents Reveal Fracking Health Complaints Swept Under the Rug in Pennsylvania

TPP will eliminate the need for a rug
Uncovered documents clearly demonstrate an ongoing pattern of alarming negligence and incompetence by the Pennsylvania DOH in responding to fracking

Secrecy over fracking chemicals clouds environmental risks, advocates say

Fracking = Chemical warfare protected by capitalism

Despite a report that links practice to contaminated drinking water, list of more than 1,076 chemicals used during fracking process remains unknown to public

US EPA’s study confirms water contamination caused by fracking

Pictured to the right: A map of existing fracking wells in Ohio. Source: Frac Tracker Alliance The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) recently released...

Triple Divide | Fracking Documentary

A film by J.B.Pribanic & M.A.Troutman

No Oil Drilling in the Everglades

Sign petition

A major developer has just applied for a permit to drill for oil on 20,000 acres of the Florida Everglades—and if we don't fight back, it could actually get approved.
More than half of the Everglades have already been destroyed. We can't let the oil industry get their hands on the remaining critical habitat of endangered species like the Florida panther and American alligator.
Local activists have fought and won battles like this before, but going up against Big Oil, our friends at Environment Florida are asking people all over the country to help.
The Everglades are home to 67 threatened or endangered species, and 7 million people rely on the Everglades for drinking water. And while oil drilling has been going on in small sections of the Everglades for years, this would be a major new expansion into an area where drilling's never been allowed before.
Worse yet, this is far from the only threat the Everglades are facing. Big Oil is pushing to drill in other new parts of the Everglades as well. Florida's biggest utility company is trying to develop 3,000 acres of Everglades to build the largest gas-powered energy plant in the country.
America's Everglades belong to all of us—and we all have a responsibility to protect the panthers and sea birds that call it home.
July 2015 Sources:
Search for Everglades oil could move near Broward suburbs, Miami Herald, July 10, 2015
Plan seeks more oil drilling in Big Cypress, Sun Sentinel, June 10, 2015
Florida Power and Light asks Hendry County to change its comprehensive plan, Florida Neszap, July 9, 2015

Meet the fossil fuel lobbyists raising money for Hillary Clinton

Something to consider instead of the Vote for a Woman or Vote Democratic false dilemma - 2016 must be the year of the outside contender, independent rep of people and the planet
Many of Clinton's bundlers are linked to Big Oil, natural gas, and the Keystone pipeline.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gasland 2010

Corrupt fracking companies polluting groundwater and not caring about the health of those people living next to drilling gas wells. 

New York State of Fracking: A ProPublica Explainer

 New York is one of a handful of states around the country that currently has at least temporarily halted fracking. Since 2008, when the state was first confronted with interest in gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing by energy companies, towns have banned the practice, the state has undertaken environmental..

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Drink This First Thing In The Morning To Accelerate Your Metabolism And JUMPSTART Weight Loss!

A cup of warm water in the morning is much better for your health and it keeps your body hydrated and full of energy throughout the whole day.Drinking plenty of water is essential for overall health, but not many people know that the temperature of the water they drink is what matters the most. There is a...

The four-year California drought is causing unparalleled devastation to the region.

Analysts at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch think it’s going to get a lot worse.
"We view the unprecedented drought in California as a harbinger of the coming global water crisis,"
Read more:…

What Happens to Your Body When You’re Dehydrated?

You’re probably dehydrated if…

Practically everyone is at risk for dehydration, that’s why it’s a must to know about the symptoms of dehydration and the ways to prevent it.

Water vs Soda